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100 Years Glacier-Climate Studies at Claridenfirn

Worldwide longest glacier mass balance series 1914-2014

Feldarbeit 1914

The longest climatological glacier mass balance series is 100 years old. Since 1914 the gain in winter snow, and the summer melt are measured twice a year on Claridenfirn, Swiss Alps. This unique and detailed mass balance series was initiated by Greenland pioneer Alfred de Quervain, among others, and continued for many year by Dr. Robert Billwiler, director of the Swiss Meteorological Office.

This centenary is celebrated with a scientific symposium at ETH Zurich, and with an exkursion to the Claridenfirn glacier.

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22. August 2014: Symposium at ETH Zurich

Presentations of invited high-profile speakers on the importance of the Claridenfirn series for glaciology and on the global picture of glacier-climate relationswith:

  • Prof. em. Atsumu Ohmura, ETH Zürich
  • Prof. Ed Waddington, Univ. Washington, USA
  • Prof. Regine Hock, Univ. Alaska, USA
  • Dr. Matthias Huss, ETH Zürich
  • Prof. Martin Funk, ETH Zürich
  • Dr. Mischa Croci-Maspoli MeteoSchweiz
  • Dr. Fabio Fontana, Swiss GCOS Office / MeteoSchweiz
  • Dr. Samuel Nussbaumer, WGMS & Univ. Zürich
  • Yvo Weidmann, OGH/SGH & ETH Zürich
  • Giovanni Kappenberger, ex MeteoSchweiz

The presentations of the symposium will be given in English.

23./24. August 2014: Excursion to Claridenfirn glacier

  • Celebration and overnight stay in Claridenhütte (Swiss Alpine Club hut)
  • Visit of the sites on the glacier

Symposium Programme

The symposium programme is in the PDF file below

Icon Flyer for print (3.7 MB)

Meeting Costs / Excursion Information

Participation in the symposium is free of charge.

The costs for lodging, dinner and breakfast in Clariden hut (ca. CHF 80) and travel are paid directly by the participant.

The Clariden hut provides dinner, breakfast, and bunk beds with covers. It is advised to bring a thin silk sleeping bag.The Clariden hut is located next to the glacier, and is a 3-4 hour mountain hike on marked trails.

Equipment: Required are mountain boots, warm and rain-proof clothes, hat, mittens. For the excursion on the glacier a climbing harness, crampons and an ice ax  are required.


100 years Claridenfirn

22.-24. August: Symposium and Exkursion to the glacier

Exkursion Oberaargletscher

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